Aquatop Max Flow Power Head Aquarium Pump – 608 GPH


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Aquatop MaxFlow Power Heads provide optimal water movement with extremely quiet, efficient operation, preventing aquarium water from becoming stagnant. Each system includes an optional venturi air intake with an air regulator for increased aeration, leading to healthier water. Max Flow aquarium power heads are fully submersible and great for use in salt or freshwater.

  • Superior water movement in all types of aquariums
  • Includes optional air intake and air regulator for water aeration
  • For use in fresh or saltwater aquariums

Constructed of high impact (strength) ABS plastic, Aquatop Max Flow Power Heads are built to last.

1) Suction Cups
2) Main Pump Assembly
3) O-Ring
4) Impeller
5) Impeller Bar/Shaft and Grommet
6) Air Intake Regulator
7) Air Intake Tubing
8) Impeller Cover
9) Strainer Adapter

PH-8: 120V/60Hz – 15 Watts – 3.6 Feet Max Height – 211 GPH Flow Rate
PH-16: 120V/60Hz – 25 Watts – 4.3 Feet Max Height – 343 GPH Flow Rate
PH-22: 120V/60Hz – 35 Watts – 5 Feet Max Height – 475 GPH Flow Rate
PH-35: 120V/60Hz – 45 Watts – 8.2 Feet Max Height – 608 GPH Flow Rate