Zilla Decor Durable Dish for Reptiles Grey – Large (10.5″L x 8.8″W x 4.25″H)


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Dishes provide an essential area to keep food and water protected in the habitat. Each dish is made with non-porous exterior surfaces that are easy to clean with soapy water. They will not retain water or promote bacteria, so terrariums stay healthier and smell fresher longer. A lip around the bottom and wide base add stability to keep them from being knocked over.

  • Durable Plastic Material Can Stand Up To Heat And Scratches
  • Designed To Stay In Place Inside Your Terrarium, The Added Lip Can Be Reinforced With Substrate
  • Rock Look And Texture Enables Your Pet To Climb
  • Durable Lightweight And Easy To Clean
  • Natural Shape And Colors To Blend Into Your Terrarium
  • Small Dish Dimensions – 6″L x 5″W x 2.5″H
  • Medium Dish Dimensions – 8.5″L x 7″W x 3.3″H
  • Large Dish Dimensions – 10.5″L x 8.8″W x 4.25″H

Large (10.5″L x 8.8″W x 4.25″H)