Zoo Med Can O’ Snails – 1.2 oz (15-30 Snails)


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Zoo Meds Can O’ Snails are farm raised, unshelled, naturally juicy treats for small animals. Ideal for skinks, turtles, monitors, tegus and small mammals. Box turtles love ’em!

  • Natural juices are locked in the can
  • Ideal for reptiles, birds or mammals
  • Farm raised, unshelled
  • Never deal with the hassle of live food again

Note: These snails are not live or freeze-dried.

Q: How long will this food last after it has been opened
A: This food can be kept for about one week in the refrigerator. It should be discarded if is begins to have a foul odor or visible mold growing.

Ingredients: De-Shelled, Farm Raised Garden Snails (Achatina Fulica).

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) – 18.8%
Crude Fat (min) – 0.6%
Crude Fiber (max) – 3.2%
Crude Ash (max) – 1.9%
Moisture (max) – 76.0%

1.2 oz (15-30 Snails)