Zoo Med Reptisun Mega Compact UVB/UVA Fluorescent Bulb – 65 watt


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Zoo Med Reptisun Mega Compact UVB/UVA fluorescent bulb professional series. The new shape and unique design allow for wide and even UVB output. ReptiSun provides UVB, UVA, and visible light.

  • UVB ensures healthy bones and bodies for reptiles and helps prevent or halt the progression of Metabolic Bone Disease
  • UVA is part of the visible light spectrum for reptiles. UVA helps increase activity levels, appetite, and reproductive behaviors. Without UVA, reptiles are colorblind
  • Usable UVB up to 42″ away

Great for large reptiles including Sulcata Tortoises, Iguanas, Tegus, Monitors, Uromastyx, Water Dragons, Chuckwallas, Frilled Dragons, groups of Marginated, Russian or Redfoot Tortoises, and more.

65 watt